Kerstin Amend-Pohlig born in Wiesbaden is a designer and artist.  Her fields of work include light sculpture - sculpture - graphics - edition - project - relief - painting. 
In addition her work combines analog and digital techniques.  

Kerstin Amend-Pohlig deals with the phenomena of simultaneity and timelessness - with the traces left by the past in the present. She creates organic light sculptures and sculptures, in which the joy of life always resonates.

To conceive and develop something unusual, something unconventional and to bring into a positive form is a constant challenge - a never-ending story. 

With this conviction, Kerstin A.P. approaches the development and implementation of her ideas and concepts again and again with different techniques and materials.  
Organic light sculptures are created, sculptures in timeless originality, in which joy of life always resonates. 

Massively solid materials such as stone and iron and a material mixture of gypsum, lime and fine-grained rock are made malleable with cardboard and plastics.                            

The ideas, first fixed in thought and sketch, are followed by a first loose shaping. Through impulses during the making, the clear shape emerges. Acrylic is tapped, rubbed, pasty and glazed dabbed into all layers and areas of form with the hands in subtle color mixing. 

The painting technique strongly determines the interaction and expression of the sculptures and objects.

A part of the creative work is the recycling - upcycling - and forming of already used plastics and materials. 

To give back a value to what has seemingly become worthless - in unusual aesthetics with lasting meaningfulness is Kerstin Amend Pohlig's great concern. 



  • Member of the professional association of visual artists

  • Development of theme-related and unbound spatial concepts - Realisation of projects and actions

       Components :
       Mixed Media Light Sculptures 
       Sculptures, Wall and Floor objects
       Mixed Media graphics
       Painting, Relief 

  • International purchases

  • from 2023 Studio in the Culture factory Coburg/Cortendorf

  • 1991-2023 until today Studio for Design+Art areas: plastic design, illustration, painting and relief, mixed media, sculpture and light sculpture

  • 2019-2023 studio community: artists' workshops in the Hexenturm I Coburg

  • 2021/2022 represented by art and design gallery Kitte Ateliersplatform Madrid:

       Specialised in works of functional art and artistic furniture
       > 1st DIBS
       > ARTSY

Thematic exhibitions:

Respect I BBK Bamberg I Villa Dessauer (Room concept/MixedMedia)
DinA 4 I Bamberg I Villa Dessauer: 
Cross section I Bayreuth I New town hall
Bamberg Night of Light I Bamberg Mitte I Interior design
What's left? What remains? I BBK Bamberg I World Cultural Heritage title for Bamberg
Villa Dessauer I Space Concept/Mixed Media I Sculpture I Wall and floor objects

Scholarship Light Sculptures Call for applications: Bamberg Mitte 
in connection with the BBK I presentation at the following light night in Bamberg 


  • 1991 until today further focal points and fields of activity: Communication design

       Conception, concept - Idea, draft, layout, realisation,
       photo composing and image editing
       CI development, layout, website concepts, social media

  • 1986-1991 Graphic design/illustration/scribble/model construction for Auto Abt, INS-Reisen, Sportscheck, BMW, Hausbank Munich, Iberica wines 

  • 1982-1986 Graphic design studies in Munich I Specialisations and extension courses: Illustration, scribble technique, nude drawing, sculptural design   

  • 1982 Abitur with focus on art in Coburg
  • 1962 Born in Wiesbaden

  • Stays for longer periods in Paris, Mexico, Thailand, Bali

CI development, layout, website concepts, social media