Project: Docked & Logged in

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Leaves what? - What remains?"


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Sculpture - wall objects - floor objects - Action: Waste separation a cultural asset?

Project: Docked & Logged in

Everything has its beginning. Before the 11th century in ancient China, people were busy experimenting with glacier snow, honey and rose water. The result was the first water ice. This delicious cultural asset could not spread globally for the time being, because the knowledge of the formula of the mixture was lost with the Roman Empire. It was not until a few centuries later that the recipe landed on European soil.
We now live in an age in which Cloud and Co. leave no knowledge unstored. The technological mixture of digitalization, automation and robotics offers great opportunities for the preservation of cultural assets. But it also presents us with immense challenges - and at an unchecked pace.
Logged in and docked - resonates with this awareness as an important ingredient and development factor.

Like a tradition, they combine in a constantly developing mass - inoculated with topics and events that affect us all. This accumulation leaves its traces like hereditary factors. Heavy and light at the same time, developmental stage leads to developmental stage

On closer inspection, the group also has a lot to do with Chinese water ice, which does not get lost. Photographic fragments are taken from the sculpture on a stand made of plaster, cement, iron and acrylic during the development phase.
With digital craftsmanship with the addition of further photographic elements
complex graphics are created. Recessed in object housing
they become wall and floor objects.

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