Upcycling art project

Spacetime Palas.tika

artists' workshops in the Coburg Witches' Tower

Every Thursday disposable plastic
prepared from 18:00-20:00
in the artists workshops
in the Coburg witch tower

for the upcycling project "Spacetime- PALAS.TIKA".
What to do with the gigantic accumulation of this indestructible material? 
Researchers are also increasingly focusing on insects.



In our workshops we sharpen our awareness in this regard. 
However, insects can only be found sporadically.
That is why we mainly use hands, scissors and cutters
in all sizes for use.


Experiments are carried out with plastic cut into spirals.  
The cuttings stuff a thoughtful ram.
It will stand on two hemispheres of the world and symbolically form the bridge
between present and future.
Its meaning stands for rethinking and implementing.

In addition, the Hexenturm houses further ram models in various stages of development.