Project: MonaLisa Pralinés

Room concept : Exhibition -Respect- BBK- Upper Franconia

Unbridled and yet respectful

...the painting of the Mona L., known all over the world for more than five centuries, still does something unbelievable to us.  The phenomenon has been questioned countless times, and yet the cause of the unstoppable effect remains questionable. The MonaLisa-Pralinés give a further answer to this question. In a three meter long wall volume consisting of 35 picture panels and other larger pieces

Creation of the Mona Lisa Pralinés

Analysis and history:

The smile of the Mona Lisa attracts thousands of visitors every day from all over the world to the Louvre in Paris. It is generally agreed that there is something magical about it - even if this cannot be seen solely in the facial expressions of the protagonist depicted. The entire picture in its composition, color scheme and geometry is a manipulative masterpiece.
Mysteriously hidden key stimuli are triggers for unanimous appreciation and enjoyment. The sum of cause and effect is the decisive impulse and development factor of the group of works.


The visual vibrations, arch shapes and geometric condensations in the visual field of the Mona Lisa find their translation in 
abstract, universal design.
Specially developed fragments of acrylic painting and material collages are used. Organic lines create abstract effects in complex, multi-layered digital processing.
A boundless, intercultural language of forms emerges from the global marathon of viewing that has lasted for over 5 centuries.




MediaMix of painting, graphics, 
Composing on aluminum and behind acrylic glass


Exhibition RESPEKT Villa Dessauer I Bamberg

Professional association of visual artists of Upper Franconia